WebMaster Profile

Name Cecilia Chow
Gender Female 
Place of birth Hong Kong  香港
Height 5ft 4 inches  (5呎4吋)
Weight 110 lbs  (110磅)
Horoscope Sagittarius  人馬座
Primary School St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School, Hong Kong     聖士提反女子中學附屬小學  (半山區, 香港)
Secondary School St. Stephen's Girls' College, Hong Kong     聖士提反女子中學  (半山區, 香港)
University University of London (QMW), United Kingdom
Academic Qualifications BSc in Computer Science
MSc in Advanced Methods in Computer Science (Distributed & Parallel Systems)
Music Qualifications Royal School of Music (Grade 8 Piano, Grade 8 Theory of Music)
Place of Work London, United Kingdom  倫敦, 英國
Occupation Investment Banker
Hobby Travelling, Cruising, Fine Dining, Music, Movies  旅遊、揚帆出海、精緻美食、聽歌、看電影
Favourite Artist Leslie Cheung  張國榮
Favourite Plant Rose  玫瑰
Favourite Food Seafood (esp fish)  海鮮
Favourite Pet Japanese Koi  錦鯉
Favourite Animal Dolphin  海豚
Favourite Fruit Mango  芒果


Having Fun!                                                                                                    Enjoying Sunshine!


WebMaster Vacation

Sep 1999 Vacation in Hong Kong, Australia (along east coast from Sydney up to Cairns), Los Angelas
Aug 2000 Vacation in Hong Kong (to attend Leslie's Passion Tour Concert) and Thailand
Dec 2000 Vacation in Toronto (to attend Leslie's Passion Tour Concert)
Apr 2001 Vacation in Hong Kong (to attend Leslie's Passion Tour Concert) and Japan
Oct 2001 Vacation round Europe
(Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Venice, Florence, Rome, Monte Carlo, Paris)
Dec 2002 Vacation in Hawaii
Dec 2003 P&O Cruise (Ship 'Oriana') -- round Caribbean Islands
Aug 2004 P&O Cruise (Ship 'Aurora') -- Eastern Europe
Dec 2004 P&O Cruise (Ship 'Oceana') -- round Caribbean Islands
(Barbados, Tobago, St Lucia, St Kitts, Catalina Island, Tortola, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada)
Dec 2005 P&O Cruise (Ship 'Arcadia') -- round Caribbean Islands, through Panama Canal to Mexico
Sep 2006 Vacation in Hong Kong and Macau (to attend Leslie's Memorial events)
May 2007 Vacation in Manhattan (New York)
Jun 2007 Vacation in Vancouver (Leslie's Bench in Stanley Park)
Vacation in Vancouver
Aug 2007 Vacation in Vienna
Apr 2008 Vacation in Hong Kong (to attend Leslie's Memorial events)
Aug 2008 Cunard Cruise (Ship 'Queen Mary 2') -- UK to Germany
Dec 2008 Vacation in California, USA (San Francisco, Sacramento, Monterey, 17-Mile Drive)
May 2009 Vacation in Florida, USA (Orlando, Palm Beach Island)
Sep 2009 Vacation in Las Vegas, USA (Las Vegas, Grand Canyon)
Vacation in Bora Bora (French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean)
Apr 2010 Vacation in Miami, USA
Sep 2010 Vacation in Vancouver (Canada)
Vacation in Seattle (USA)
May/Jun 2011 Vacation in California, USA (Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Diego)
Oct 2011 Vacation in Seychelles
Jun 2012 Vacation in Cyprus
July 2012 Vacation in Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Montreux, Mount Titlis)
Sep/Oct 2012 Vacation in California, USA (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego)
Mar 2013 Vacation in Shanghai, China (Leslie Footsteps)
Vacation in Shanghai, China
Vacation in Hangzhou / Suzhou, China
Mar 2013 Vacation in Hong Kong (to attend Leslie 401 events)
Apr 2013 Vacation in Beijing, China
Oct/Nov 2013 Vacation in Rio de Janeiro (Oct 2013)
Vacation in Iguazu Falls (Brazil/Argentina) (Oct 2013)
Vacation in Buenos Aires (Nov 2013)
May 2014 Vacation in Washington DC, USA
Vacation in Philadelphia, USA
Vacation in Chicago, USA
Oct 2014 Vacation in Dubai
Oct/Nov 2014 Vacation in New South Wales/Queensland, Australia
Vacation in Red Center, Australia
Vacation in Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Mar/Apr 2015 Vacation in Maldives - Villingili Island Addu Atoll, Shangri la Resort (Mar 2015)
Vacation in Maldives - Baa Atoll, Four Seasons Resort (Landaa) (Mar/Apr 2015)
Vacation in Maldives - South Male Atoll, Taj Exotica Resort (Apr 2015)
Aug 2015 Celebrity Eclipse Cruise - Royal Suite 1609
Celebrity Eclipse Cruise - St Petersburg (Russia)
Celebrity Eclipse Cruise - Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark
 Mar/Apr 2016 Vacation in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Vacation in Cape Town, South Africa
Vacation in Kruger Park, South Africa
Vacation in Johannesburg, South Africa
 Sep 2016 Vacation in Hong Kong (to attend Leslie's 60th Birthday events)
Vacation in Japan (Tokyo) (to visit Leslie's bench in Hibiya Park in Tokyo)
Vacation in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, Himeji)
April 2017 Vacation in Manhattan, USA
Vacation in Miami, USA
June 2017 Vacation in Tokyo, Japan
July 2017 Vacation in Osaka, Japan
August 2017 Vacation in Monte Carlo, Monaco
December 2017 Vacation in Tokyo, Japan