Song - When The Wind Starts Again






When The Wind Starts Again



 I look back those old days, like faded photo appearing in front
This confused youngster, determine to dedicate his whole life in singing
No matter how the wind laughs at me before
Those depressing days have all gone past
I have already sang my favourite song, no need to compete for more

* When the wind blows again, calm heart no longer wants to rush around
Even though I will be leaving in tears, I'm still willing to do so
Using the precious time to look for my beloved poem

#When the wind blows again, every lonely night I will remember your support
When I hear your cheering again, I'll say my thanks in tears
Even though I have left, there is still a touch of warmth

After years of ups and downs, with doubts floating in the air
Please let me sing this song before I go
Maybe someday in the future, will meet again
Hope you will farewell me with loud claps
A quiet life afterwards should be good
Those warm hands will keep me company forever
Why bother to look for more

Repeat *,#

Yet have no regret






風再起時   張國榮






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